can alexandrite be lab created


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can alexandrite be lab created

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    It is worth noting that “real” alexandrite can indeed be grown in the laboratory by the “hydrothermal method”. Despite being an alternative to expensive natural alexandrite, the two are chemically identical, just lab alexandrite grows at an accelerated rate. Therefore, lab alexandrite changes color just as natural alexandrite does. Unlike natural alexandrite, which changes to red and green, synthetic alexandrite changes to blue and purple under different light conditions. And in the jeweler’s loupe, laboratory alexandrites tend to show fewer flaws and inclusions.
    Thanks to the rarity and cost of natural alexandrite, the value of laboratory alexandrite is much higher than that of other synthetic stones. Therefore, when you come across a synthetic stone with a color-changing effect but at a low price, be aware that it is not a synthetic alexandrite, but probably a fake synthetic alexandrite passed off as synthetic corundum.

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