Does 9K gold fade?


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Does 9K gold fade?
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    The first thing you can be sure of is that pure gold is the most stable and least reactive of all the elements, and it will never tarnish. 24K gold has a 99.9% pure gold content, but unfortunately for the durability of the jewelry, jewelers usually add some base metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, palladium, and silver. Unlike gold. These base metals usually react readily to oxidation, and oxygen and sulfur are the factors that cause gold to lose its luster. When moisture is mixed with oxygen and sulfur compounds in the mix of base metals and gold, corrosion occurs on the surface, causing the surface to lose its luster. Copper can undergo oxidation to produce copper green; silver can cause yellow gold to darken and lose its luster. Since 9K gold has the lowest pure gold content(37.5%), it is also the fastest of all gold to tarnish. You will likely notice tarnish more on 9K rose gold (due to the higher copper content) and less on white gold. If you are looking for gold jewelry that is less likely to tarnish, you will want to look for gold that is high in carat. gold jewelry under 14 carats will lose its luster more easily. To be on the safe side, look for gold jewelry that is 14-18 carats.
    Gold tarnishes and loses its luster most likely for several reasons: first, the skin care products you use have harder metals than pure gold separating the base metals in gold; second, prolonged exposure to oxygen causes oxidation of copper, nickel and silver accelerated by sweat and heat; third, naturally acidic skin and heavy sweating can likewise cause copper to oxidize to produce copper oxide. Acidic foods are also a contributing factor. Foods such as onions, spices, pickles and lemons can cause gold jewelry to lose its luster more quickly. Finally, if you forget to take off your ring when using shampoo or other chemicals containing sulfur, sulfur amino acids will immediately react with the alloys in gold and cause it to lose its luster.

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