What is White Gold?


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What is White Gold?

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    The gold used to make jewelry is not actually pure gold, because pure gold is very soft and malleable, which would cause many problems when used as jewelry – such as not holding stones easily, scratching easily, denting or breaking. Therefore, when making jewelry, jewelers often mix gold with other metals to form alloys of varying purity, which can also increase the durability of gold as jewelry to varying degrees.
    White gold is an alloy of pure gold with some white metals such as palladium, zinc, nickel and silver. It does not contain copper compared to yellow gold, and contains more nickel and zinc. Because of this, white gold exhibits a similar color to platinum and silver, and is more durable than silver while being more affordable than platinum. This is why I believe white gold is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a white silver look.
    However even though white gold is an alloy mixed with some white metals, it is still not naturally white and therefore all jewelers need to achieve the white silver look by rhodium plating. Unfortunately, this operation is not permanent and the rhodium plating on the outside of white gold will always peel off(Depends on the level of wear and tear on the jewelry), revealing the yellow gold color inside. Then we have to take the white gold to a jeweler to have it re-rhodium plated. Although this is an easy operation for any jeweler, it still takes several working days and you may not have jewelry to wear during this time. This is something you must consider before buying white gold.

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