What is Yellow Gold?


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What is Yellow Gold?

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    The gold used to make jewelry is not actually pure gold, because pure gold is very soft and malleable, which would cause many problems when used as jewelry – such as not holding stones easily, scratching easily, denting or breaking. Therefore, when making jewelry, jewelers often mix gold with other metals to form alloys of varying purity, which can also increase the durability of gold as jewelry to varying degrees.
    Yellow gold is pure gold mixed with traces of copper and some white metals to form a solid gold. As the most common choice of precious metal, yellow gold is a popular choice for jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding bands. Thanks to the mixture of traces of copper and other white metals such as nickel, palladium, zinc and silver, yellow gold can appear more mild than rose gold and more opulent than pure gold with a creamy yellow color. It is perfect for those who like vintage style jewelry or for those with darker skin tones.
    But the downside of yellow gold is precisely the presence of copper and nickel, both base metals that are highly susceptible to skin irritation, so please check the details with your jeweler before buying, as skilled jewelers can replace nickel with the more stable palladium for you.

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